Nominating Committee

Ann Richmond

Committee Members:
Robert Clark
Veronique Witko-Sarsat
Silvia Uriarte (Council Liaison)

About the Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee shall be composed of three members, each serving a term of 3 years, one being appointed each year.  The senior member shall serve as Chair. A Council Member will be selected by the President to serve as liaison between the committee and the Council. No member of council can be a member of the nominating committee other than the liaison.


The ballot for the various Society Offices should provide the membership with the most qualified candidates.  This should achieve the following goals:

1.  An appropriate format for requisite presentation and discussion of candidate qualifications by Nominating Committee membership.

2.  Presentation of the slate of candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee to the Council for approval prior to preparation and mailing of ballots to the Society membership.

The Chair of the Nominating Committee shall ensure that the activities of the Nominating Committee are conducted in an appropriate and timely fashion.

Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Initiates the development of candidate selection by contacting the committee members and requesting suggestions for each position to be elected. At least two candidates for each position should be proposed, unless an officer elects to run for a second term.

2. Members of the Nominating Committee shall consider possible candidates.  The discussion should include evaluation of criteria appropriate for each position.

3.  Presents the ballots to Council for final approval at the spring meeting.

4.  Typical completion dates for:

a.  identified vacancies and selection of nominees -- end of March

b.  final slate of candidates with biographical sketches -- July 

c.  ballots sent to eligible voting members via online voting -- August

d.  receipt and tally of ballots – September

e.  announcement of winners to the society membership – Annual Meeting

5. Review related web pages and make suggestions for keeping content up-to-date.