SLB Resources

iSLB Archive:

This resource provides a complete archive of the digitally available copies of the society newsletter. Including the most current issue, members can visit this link to read current and past issues.

Living History Videos:

SLB is a community of like minded researchers and clinicians with a long shared history.  Visit this page to view the living history videos provided by current and past members to learn more about the evolution of SLB, of the field, and of individual members' journeys.

Committee Resources:

This page compiles several resources gather by the various committees in supporting members with their own professional development. Ranging from grant writing resources to lists of internships and forming your own individualize development plan, visit this page to guide you in a variety of career areas.

Partner Society Links:

SLB is proud to be a part of a diverse conglomerate of scientific societies serving the research community.  Visit this page to link to our partner societies.

Public Affairs:

SLB is ever increasingly aware of the importance of science advocacy, communication and public policy.  Visit this page to learn more about Capital Hill day and other resources to learn how you can approach your own Congress person in supporting science.

FASEB Resources:

As a client society of FASEB, SLB enjoys a long history and partnership with FASEB as a leading organization supporting the interests of scientists. Visit this page to explore some of the resources offered by FASEB to the scientific community at large.

Community Circles:

A new feature of the website for SLB Members, click here to login to your member profile and visit this page to join a conversation, start your own thread, and connect with other members that share similar interests.  A good place to connect for future collaborations, SLB members can maximize the benefit of belonging to such a strong and welcoming community by joining or starting their own circles today!