SLB award programs are open to the scientific community and applications are encouraged from all eligible candidates. The Society strives to be inclusive and welcoming. The Awards Committee reviews award applications annually to ensure the highest quality science and equitable meritorious recognition is provided. SLB promotes society involvement, innovation, and access to leadership opportunities by aiming for the greatest participation from its membership. Engagement across socioeconomic backgrounds and identity groups (including age, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, and religion) and professional levels is highly encouraged.

The 2024 award system is now OPEN!  Apply during abstract submission! Contact us with questions.

In addition to the merit based award programs, SLB is pleased to offer a need based travel grant program. Learn more about the EASE Grant Program.

Application Instructions

Honorary Life Member and Legacy Awards are by nomination only and are decided upon by a Council vote based on Award Committee recommendations.  All other categories are considered and reviewed by the Awards Committee based on applications received during the annual abstract submission process.