Finance Committee

Anne Pereira

Committee Members:
Nick LukacsPresident
Lee-Ann AllenPast President                                                
David Underhill, President Elect

Louis Justement, Incoming President Elect
Jennifer Holland, Executive Director (ex-officio)                                                                                        

About the Finance Committee


The Finance Committee is chaired by the society Treasurer. Members include the President, President-Elect, Past President, and the Executive Director. This group will prepare a provisional annual Society budget and submit it for Council approval at the time of the Annual meeting. The final annual budget will be prepared and submitted to the Council for approval at the spring meeting.


It is the responsibility of this Committee to prepare an Annual Society Budget and submit it for Council approval at the time of the Spring Meeting.  This budget shall include estimated income sources and appropriate estimates of expenditures of committees, officers, meetings, and publications.  The committee makes recommendations concerning investment policies to the Council and considers means to increase Society income.

Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Prepares a consolidated annual budget to be submitted for Council approval at the time of the spring meeting.  The budget shall be prepared in consultation with the Society Office.  The budget shall specify expenditures for all officers, Council, the Journal and all standing committees of the Society.

2. Reviews annually the financial records of the Society, submitted by the Accounting Office.

3. Makes recommendations to Council regarding means of increasing Society income, investment policies, justifiable expenditures, and cash balances.

4. Makes recommendations to Council concerning the raising and disbursing of funds relative to the Annual Meeting and Program.

5. Assists in the performance of Treasurer's duties.

6. Recommends policy relative to allowable expenses concerned with necessary travel of officers or committee members and symposium speakers.

7. Sets rules (subject to Council approval) relative to required receipts and record keeping on the expenditure of budgeted funds by Officers and Committee Chairs.

8. Reviews activities of Meetings and Grant and Corporate Relations Committees to ensure coordination of solicitations in support of Annual Meetings.

9. Review related web pages and make suggestions for keeping content up-to-date.