Past SLB Meetings

Every year, SLB's annuals efforts culminate at the annual conference where scientific presentations and networking opportunities provide members with countless opportunities for collaboration. Below you may click on the various past years' events to see the past program book, abstracts, slideshows, and even recorded presentations highlighting the event.

SLB 2020, virtual meeting
SLB 2019, Boston, MA
SLB 2018, Phoenix, AZ
SLB 2017, Vancouver, B.C.
SLB 2016, Verona, Italy
SLB 2015, Raleigh, NC
SLB IEIIS 2014, Salt Lake City, UT
SLB 2013, Newport, RI
SLB 2012, Maui, HI
SLB 2011, Kansas City, MO
SLB/IEIIS 2010, Vancouver, BC
SLB/ICS/ISICR 2009, Lisbon, Portugal
SLB 2008, Denver, CO