DEI: Paper of the Year Award

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is pleased to sponsor the “DEI Paper of the Year Award. All SLB members who have published a paper in the last 5 years which promotes or supports diversity, equity, or inclusion, or who self-identify as underrepresented in science are encouraged to apply for this award. The SLB member should be first-, corresponding- or senior-author. The winner will be invited to give a short presentation about his/her research at a session during the Annual SLB Conference.  A cash prize is provided along with an award plaque.

The award presentation may not be on a new, unrelated abstract.  The abstract submitted to the system needs to be related to the original manuscript to be considered for an award based on being highly cited. The award presentation may include new data from the original work and can also discuss the influence the highly cited paper had on the author's work and the research of others.  For a good example of this blend of the original highly cited paper and new perspectives, listen to the 2012 awardee in this category via the 2012 Meeting Archive page.

To apply for the DEI “Paper of the Year Award” applicants should use the SLB on-line abstract submission system. Submit a statement indicating how the work fulfills the requirements, a short CV and the full reference for one selected article published within the last 5 years with calculated citations per year according to the Web of Science database.  The citation report must also be included with the application.  The applicant may be either first author, senior author, or corresponding author. Equal contribution will be given to first, senior and corresponding author.  In order to receive this award, the applicant must register and submit an abstracts for the meeting. The individual must also be a current member of the society.  While publishing in JLB is not required, preferential consideration will be given to nominees that have published in JLB in the last 4 years in the event of equally deserving candidates.


Past Paper of the Year Winners
Silke Paust (2014)
Rachel Caspi (2017)
Rafael Arguello (2021)