2018 Abstracts


The link below provides access to the abstract and award submission site.  You must first register for the meeting.  Your registration confirmation email will provide this link along with a unique code you must enter in order to proceed with abstract and award submission. Start by following the link and creating a new profile in the abstract system.

Download a step by step guide to submitting an abstract for the 2018 meeting HERE

You must register for the meeting before submitting an abstract.

Register First...

Abstract and award submission deadline is July 5th!

Abstract and Award Submission Site

Need to edit your already submitted abstract? You may edit your submission anytime up until the July 5th deadline by following these instructions:

  1. Go to the submission site
  2. Login using the email address and access key you received when you first created the account (there are “lost access key” help buttons if you need).
  3. On the next screen, re-enter the abstract submission code you received in your registration confirmation email and hit ENTER on your keyboard.
  4. The screen will look similar but it has changed.  You may now either enter a new submission or click on the title of your current submission to begin editing it.

During abstract submission, there will be a check box you can select if you do NOT want your work tweeted about during the meeting.  While SLB cannot guarantee the activities of attendees, the society will post a "no tweeting" symbol with your abstract to share your wishes with the audience.  Also, there is another check box during abstract submission related to speaker disclosures.  You must read and agree to this standard speaker policy when submitting your abstract.  Other opportunities are presented during abstract submission including co-chair consideration, poster flash talk consideration, and several award opportunities.

2018 Abstract body character limit = 4000 characters

New for 2018, SLB is considering an ePoster station at the meeting. Attendees can browse the posters not only on the provided boards but via a gallery of ePosters on centrally located monitors and tablets at the meeting.  Please look for the question during abstract submission asking if you, as an abstract submitter, would agree to upload an image of your poster for gallery viewing at the meeting.  If the majority of abstract submitters agree, SLB is pleased to make the investment in this added benefit for our attendees.  To the right is an example of how the abstract would be viewed in the gallery with the poster image.  Questions?

2018 Abstract Categories:

Plenary Sessions
(abstracts eligible for poster presentation only)
Concurrent Sessions
(abstracts eligible for poster and oral presentation)
Myeloid cell development, differentiation, and novel functions Leukocytes in Immune Privilege Sites
Metabolism & Physiology in Inflammation and Immunity Inflammatory Signaling in Leukocytes
The Microbiome in Inflammation and Immunity Neutrophils and Phagocyte Functions
Inflammation and cell death in host-pathogen interactions Ligands of Innate Immunity: Structure & Function
  Host Receptors and Microbes

Poster Flash Talks

SLB will feature selected abstracts to participate in a pre-meeting Poster Flash Talk session. Highly recognized abstracts that are not selected for a concurrent session talk and indicated an interested in giving a flash talk will be considered to present a brief (5 minute) talk.  Students are encouraged to attend this session to support their peers and to kick-off the SLB meeting together.   Invitations for the Poster Flash Talk session will be sent along with regular concurrent and poster session placements have been announced. Look for the check box during abstract submission to indicate your interest in being considered.


Special Opportunity with JLB!

Be a part of a Special JLB Dedicated SLB/IEIIS 2018 Meeting Issue.

The Journal of Leukocyte Biology will publish a Special Focus issues with articles related to the SLB/IEIIS 2018 meeting, both review papers ("overviews") and original investigations. The articles will be either invited or volunteered by the meeting participants, and all will be peer-reviewed according to the high standards of the JLB. The schedule for submissions is below...

SLB 2018 & International Endotoxin and Innate Immunity Society for publication October 2019

First submission is due by Feb 15, 2019
Review by:  Apr 1, 2019
Revised papers will be due by May 15, 2019
Articles to be reviewed by June 15, 2019
Articles ACCEPTED by July 1, 2019 to publish October 2019