SLB 2022 Policies

By registering for the SLB 2022 meeting, participants agree to and understand the following policies.

Cancellation, Refund, and Virtual Conversion Policy

2022 meeting registration fees are refundable minus a 15% processing fee for cancellation requested received in writing by August 15, 2022. Without exception, no refunds will be provided after August 15, 2022 regardless of the reason for cancellation. If the event is converted to a virtual event, refunds will be provided for the difference between the in-person registration fee and the virtual event rates. In the case of a virtual event, rates will be $200 (professional) and $150 (trainee) inclusive of all virtual 2022 sessions. In the event of a cancellation or conversion to virtual event, changes to travel, hotel and other arrangements are the sole responsibility of the attendee/participant. The Society has no responsibility for making changes or any obligation of resulting fees incurred by any individuals. THE CANCELLATION DEADLINE HAS PASSED. IF YOUR PLANS HAVE CHANGED, PLEASE LET US KNOW SO WE CAN UPDATE OUR ONSITE MATERIALS.


All individuals who are classified as attendees, registrants, and participants in any way of the Society for Leukocyte Biology’s Annual Conference, or those acting on their behalf, agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Society for Leukocyte Biology, the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, society staff, and society volunteer leaders and officers (collectively, the “Society Indemnified Parties”), from and against any and all third party claims, losses, injuries, illness, or damages or loss of any kind to persons or property, governmental charges or fines, penalties, and all costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) (collectively, “Claim(s)”), in any way arising out of, or relating to, travel to/from and/or participation in and attendance at the Society’s Annual Conference and all related events, social gatherings, and meetings that is the subject of this Agreement. For individuals who may receive award stipends based on meritorious program contributions, or reimbursement of travel/hotel expenses based upon invited speaker status or volunteer positions, this support does not represent a responsibility in any way of the Society Indemnified Parties and does not supersede this indemnification agreement.

Vaccine Requirement

COVID-19 vaccination, and proof, is required upon registration for all participants of the Society for Leukocyte Biology’s Annual Meeting. By registering for SLB 2022, all participants agree to provide the Society with proof of vaccination by uploading proper documentation in the Society’s registration form. Vaccines must be approved by the U.S. for travel. Complete information on approved vaccines for U.S. travel may be found on the CDC's website ( Additional requirements of any and all travel providers and venue management must also be followed by all SLB 2022 participants including any changing requirements dictated by governmental health organizations, local authorities, or other authority. Inability to attend based upon a change in authority imposed requirements or non-compliance with any authority’s requirements is the sole responsibility of the individual and not that of any of the identified “Society Indemnified Parties”. Any and all losses, including inability to attend the event, resulting from non-compliance, or inability to comply, with any authority requirement are the sole responsibility of the individual participant.

Awards Policy

Awards and/or grants may be assigned based on abstract submissions and applications in the submission portal for SLB 2022. After award and grant notifications are provided in July/August 2022, if an individual awardee cancels their in-person attendance, no award or grant stipend, travel or otherwise, will be provided. If the meeting is converted to a virtual event, the Award Committee will determine the award stipends for the merit based awards following 2020 and 2021 practices. If the meeting is converted to a virtual event, all travel related grants will be cancelled. By submitting an award application for SLB 2022, all participants understand and agree to this procedural policy for awards and grants.