Post-doctoral position at Sigmovir Biosystems Inc. Research Group

Sigmovir Biosystems Inc. Research Group has opened a post-doctoral position to work at its headquarters in Rockville, MD.  We are looking for a Ph.D. with strong background in virology/immunology/infectious diseases to perform NIH- supported research in the field of human respiratory infections.  Experience working with RSV, influenza, and/or rhinovirus, as well as experience working with animal models, will be highly prioritized.  Good presentation/organization skills are required.  The successful candidate is expected to lead research-oriented studies for development of vaccines and therapies against human viral infections.  Candidates are expected to excel and become independent scientists that can advance the goals of the company.   

Basic Qualifications
A recent Ph.D. (less than 3 years) in virology, molecular biology, or immunology.
Substantial experience in molecular methods (sample prep, PCR, cloning, DNA/RNA isolation, etc.) Experience in virology/immunology techniques. Applicant must be U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.

Please send a brief letter and a CV, and 3 letters of support, to Dr. Jorge Blanco, President and Scientific Director, Sigmovir Biosystems Inc., 9610 Medical Center Drive, Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850 ([email protected])

Sigmovir Biosystems Inc. is a “For Profit,” Maryland-based, biotechnology company devoted to advancing the biomedical field through the study of the pathogenesis of human infectious disease using a specialized animal model, the cotton rat.