ImmunoReach: Teaching Immunology Through Backward Design

Organizers and Speakers: Louis Justement, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Rebekah Taylor, Frostburg State University; Sumali Pandey, Minnesota State University Moorhead

Each one-hour segment of this workshop will begin with a presentation given by the organizers. The topics will include an introduction of the ImmunoReach network and its goals, the major projects of the network, including immunological concept and competency learning frameworks, and opportunities for SLB members to become active participants in the network. After each presentation, participants will be engaged in active discussions around building lesson plans and approaches related to interdisciplinary immunology education. Organizers will facilitate these discussions by providing guided worksheets and other tools. Registration for this session is sponsored by ImmunoReach and includes lunch. Maximum attendance is capped at 20 participants.

This workshop will be held in conjunction with SLB 2024 on October 22nd, 11am-3pm. Sign-up during main conference registration.