2022 Workshops

Check back for details about the various workshops that will be offered to attendees as part of the 2022 conference. Programs are planned by SLB Committees and aim to foster the community in professional and personal development.  Sign-up for sessions during the registration process.

The SLB DEI Committee invites you to

Picture a Leukocyte Biologist!

Friday October 28th, 12:30 – 2:30pm (includes lunch!)

The Society for Leukocyte Biology strives to always provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for researchers from all backgrounds. But we know that this may not always be the case in academic environments. Inspired by the recent movie “Picture A Scientist” (available on Netflix, or on-demand rental) which chronicles a range of harassment experienced by certain women scientists, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee invite you to join us for our “Picture a Leukocyte Biologist” workshop in Hawaii. We are thrilled to host this in-person networking and discussion opportunity, where SLB member panelists from a range of backgrounds and levels will discuss experiences and strategies they have successfully used to help identify and mitigate problems faced by minoritized populations in science.  We would love to have you also share your voice, and add to the diversity of experiences and ideas for how to recognize harassment and be an ally where needed. From trainees to lab directors, we can all help create an inclusive space in our workplaces.

Do you use social media? Join us at the meeting as we post photos or bitmojis* in our ‘Picture a Leukocyte Biolgist’ campaign! Lets celebrate our diverse membership, and share what being a scientist means to us! Don’t forget to tag  @leukocytebiol, #SLB2022, #PictureALeukocyteBiologist.

* Examples shown here are DEI Committee members Amanda Brown, Deborah Fraser, Chad Markert, Diane Bimczok, Susu Zughaier, Lisa Khuu, and Abolaji Olagunju.


Professional Development and Communications Workshop

Communicating Science "Outside the Box": Beyond Peer-Review

Join for this workshop on Saturday, October 29th to learn how others communicate their science outside of peer-reviewed publications and share your own methods to get the word out. This session includes an opportunity to watch a live Immune Podcast recording! More details coming soon!