Special Interest Group Satellites

In April, SLB will partner with some of our members to present Special Interest Group Satellites.  See the confirmed programs below and check back for scheduling details.


Wednesday, April 7th - 11am-12pm & 1pm-2pm eastern

Maladaptive Host-Pathogen Responses and Autoimmunity in Airways Diseases
Chairs: Lael Yonker, Massachusetts General Hospital and Balazs Rada, University of Georgia, Athens

  • Neutrophil Responses in Disease-Specific States, Michael Mansour, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Dysregulation of Macrophage Signaling in Cystic Fibrosis, Emanuela Bruscia, Yale School of Medicine
  • Dissecting and Defining PMN Responses in Cystic Fibrosis, Lael Yonker, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Autoantibodies Target Multiple Components of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Cystic Fibrosis, Ruchi Yadav, University of Georgia, Athens
  • Creating a Sanctuary: Pseudomonas and Autoimmunity in Cystic Fibrosis, William Rigby, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine

Innate Immune Training
Chairs: Julia Bohannon, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Liwu Li, Virginia Tech

    • Priming, Tolerance and Exhaustion Dynamics in Acute and Chronic Diseases, Liwu Li, Virginia Tech
    • Innate Immune Training as an Approach for the Modulation of Sepsis and Septic Sequelae, David Williams, East Tennessee State University
    • TLR Agonists Mediate Protection Against Severe Nosocomial Infections via Innate Immune Training, Julia Bohannon, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • The Role of Mitochondrial Biogenesis, Irg1, and Itaconate in TLR4 Agonist-induced Innate Immune Training, Naeem Patil, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    • Modulation of Immune Tolerance Through Ubiquitination, Jian Zhang, University of Iowa School of Medicine
    • Regulation of the NLRP3 Inflammasome by Pyruvate Oxidation, Xuewei Zhu, Wake Forest School of Medicine
    • Effects of Trained Immunity in Intergenerational Inheritance and Resistance to Infections, Jorge Dominguez, Radbound University Medical Center