SLB Mentoring Award

Beginning in 2021, SLB is pleased to add a new award category in recognizing our members contribution to the scientific community.

A career in biomedical research requires technical expertise and professional skills to successfully navigate opportunities and challenges faced throughout the journey. Mentors selflessly take on the role of developing early-career and other researchers. They share technical knowledge, assist with study design development, and troubleshoot interpretation of experimental results. Mentors also offer advice, feedback, sponsorship, and advocacy. Given the different sectors (academic, government, industry, non-profit), variety of backgrounds of researchers, and breadth of roles (administrative, clinic-based, laboratory-based) involved in advancing biomedical research, different forms of mentorship are important. The SLB Mentoring Award was established to recognize outstanding mentors – individuals who operate well beyond what is expected. The award will be designated for SLB members who make a significant impact on the professional development of others and advancement of biomedical research.

Up to 3 awardees per year will be presented and formally announced during the annual member business meeting along with other annual awards. Travel support of up to $1000 per awardee will be provided to assist with expenses related to traveling to the annual conference. The awardee(s) will be recognized during a relevant session at the annual meeting.

Eligibility: Current mid-career and established SLB members who exhibit exceptional mentorship will be considered. Multiple nominations for the same candidate are discouraged although multiple signers on the nomination letter are welcome.

Criteria: SLB (full) members can submit a nomination and may also self-nominate.  A nomination package should include the following:

  • Candidate CV, including mentoring activities
  • Nomination letter highlighting impact on professional development of researchers and/or contribution to advancement of biomedical research through mentorship (3 pages maximum).
  • No more than two letters of reference from prior mentees (2 pages maximum each) may also be provided - optional
Apply for 2022


Avery August (2021)  
Matthew Sweet (2021)