Post-doctoral position available in the laboratory of Dr. Adriana Mantegazza, Department of
Microbiology and Immunology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Our new laboratory is interested in investigating mechanisms of regulation of inflammatory
responses in Dendritic cells, to boost anti-microbial activity and dampen chronic inflammation.
We study mechanisms of crosstalk between phagocytosis, inflammasomes and autophagy in
dendritic cells, using a combination of biochemical, cell biological and immunological assays in
wild-type and genetically modified mice. For additional details please visit our website: and/or contact
Adriana Mantegazza ([email protected]).

Applicants should have recently earned a doctoral degree or have less than 5 years of postdoctoral
experience and a background in cell biology/immunology. To apply for this position,
please email [email protected] and send a current CV and the name of 3