SLB Awardees at GREMI 2019

SLB Awardees at GREMI 2019

SLB is grateful to Veronique Witko-Sarsat for proudly representing SLB at the  Groupe de Recherche et d’Etude des Mediateurs de l’Inflammation at the Pastuer Institute where she awarded several deserving presenters with SLB sponsored awards.


  • Infections by hepatitis E and Zika virus: Pathogenesis at the interface mother-foetus and role of the immune response, Jordi Gouilli : University of Toulouse

  • Nlrp6 controls cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation via a gut-lung axis and CXCL5 secretion, Mégane Nascimento : University of Orleans, UMR7355 CNRS

  • The classical NLRP3 inflammasome controls FADD unconventional secretion through microvesicle shedding, Sara Mouasni : Institut Imagine, Paris

  • Infection-driven rewiring of fatty acid metabolism helps macrophages contain Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth,Thomas Laval : Institut Pasteur, Paris

  • Chromatin dynamics and gene regulation in inflammatory macrophages during skeletal muscle regeneration upon an acute sterile injury, Petros Tzerpos : University of Debrecen , Hungary

  • Insights into mechanisms of innate immunity: specific interactions measured by AFM between peroxiredoxin-5 and Toll-like receptor 4, Mégane Poncin : Univeristy of Louvain, Belgium

  • ADP-heptose is a newly identified pathogen-associated molecular pattern of Shigella flexneri, Diego Garcia-Weler : Cochin Institute Paris