Development and Outreach Committee

Chair:Anne Pereira
Anne Pereira  

Committee Members:

Pranoti Mandrekar
Vidula Vachharajani


About the Development and Outreach Committee


The committee is chaired by the Development Chair who is a voting member of council and three other members as appointed by the President to focus on a) government grants b) corporate sponsorships c) corporate membership and relations. A new chair is assigned from this pool of 3 members by recommendation of the council and appointment by the President. Committee created in 2011.


This group has the authority to act on behalf of the society with regards to partnerships and relationships with corporate entities and government granting agencies in an effort to obtain financial support for the society.

Activities and Responsibilities:

  1. Contact corporate representatives and establish and maintain long term relationships which will yield meeting sponsorship and corporate memberships
  2. Explore expanding benefits to corporate members to grow the pool of this membership category.