2023 Program

We look forward to the 2023 meeting and welcome your participation.  The Program Chairs have planned an innovative program featuring invited speakers from a diverse background. Review the current program below and consider registering and submitting your abstract to present your work at SLB 2023!


Special Interest Group Satellites

Join for these pre-conference satellites programmed on September 27, 2023 by members, for members. Session information coming soon!

Legacy Award Lecture

  • Complement as an “Influencer” in Health and Disease, Andrea J. Tenner, University of California, Irvine

Plenary Sessions                                                                     

Join for these sessions held at various times throughout the main conference September 28-30, 2023.

  • New Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy
    • Ancestry-associated Immunological Profiles in Breast Cancer, Melissa B. Davis, Cornell University
    • Featuring Enrico Lugli, Humanitas Clinical and Research Center
    • One more speaker TBD
  • Immune Responses to Emerging Viral Pathogens
    •  Myeloid Lineage Responses to Mosquito-borne Viral Encephalitis, Nicholas King, University of Sydney
    •  Epigenetic and Transcriptional Control during CD8+ T Cell Fate Commitment, Luigia Pace, Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine
    • One more speaker TBD
  • Innovations in Autoimmunity
    • Autoimmune Discovery In Silico, Halima Moncrieffe, Janssen
    • Power from within: The Complosome and Cell Physiology, Claudia Kemper, NIH
    • Nucleic Acid Sensing and Role in Autoimmune Disease, Caroline Jefferies, Cedar-Sinai
  • Unexpected Advances in Leukocyte Biology
    • Methionine Oxidation by Myeloperoxidase in Pediatric Lung Disease, Joshua Chandler, Emory University
    • Cooperative Targeting of mSWI/SNF Complex Poises the T cell Effector Landscape Prior to Antigen Receptor Expression, Andrew Koh, University of Chicago
    • Role of Low-density Neutrophils in COVID-19, Jun Yan, University of Louisville

Concurrent Sessions                                                        

Join for these sessions held at various times throughout the main conference September 28 – 30, 2023. Each session features the invited speaker listed plus 4 selected talks from abstracts.

  • Immunity to Microbial Pathogens
    • Gram-negative Bacteremia: Pathogenesis and Innate Immunity, Michael Bachman, University of Michigan
  •  Innate Immunity in Cancer
    • Neutrophils in Pancreatic Cancer, Jiagi Shi, University of Michigan

  • Adaptive Immunity in Cancer
    • Tissue Immunity and Tumor Immunity Surveillance, Niroshana Anandasabapathy, Cornell University
  •  Dysregulation of Innate Immunity
    • Immune Cell-derived Extracellular Vesicles: New Pathogenic Entities in Chronic Lung Disease, Amit Gaggar, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  •  Dysregulation of Adaptive Immunity
    • Effector Mechanisms of Granzyme K+ CD8 T cells, Anna Helena Jonsson, Harvard Medical School
  •  Surprising Big Data Insights in Immunity
    • Single Cell Omics of the CSF in Neuro-infectious Disease, Shelli Farhadian, Yale University
  • Technological Innovations in Immunology
    • Modeling Vaccines and Tumor Immunity with Tissue Slices and Microfluidics, Rebecca Pompano, University of Virginia
  • Novel Concepts in Immunology
    • Trained Immunity: Memory for Innate Host Defense, Mihai Netea, University of Nijmegen

Posters and Flash Talks

Join for Flash talks which are short, 5 min oral presentations, programmed by the Members in Transition and Training Committee and chosen from the submitted abstracts. You may also browse posters on display during different sessions during the conference. Onsite poster awards will be presented and announced at the Member Business Meeting. 


Join workshops presented at the annual conference and programmed by the Professional Development and Members in Transition and Training Committees. Check back for specific workshop details.

Networking Breakfasts

Join for 2 great networking breakfasts, hosted by the SLB Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.  At each breakfast, you can choose to join various table topics offered on a variety of scientific, career pathway, and personal growth areas. Check back for details and topics!