Special Interest Group Satellites (SIGs)

Saturday, October 13, 2018, 1-4pm

Attend one session, lite lunch included. Pre-registration required during main conference registration process, cost $10 per attendee.

Enabling technologies for Leukocyte Research
Organizer & Chair: Daniel Irimia, Harvard Medical School

  • Rashid Bashir, U. Illinois Urbana Champaign, Microfluidic devices for CD64+ Neutrophils Counting and Sepsis Diagnostic
  • Shuichi Takayama, Georgia Tech, Neutrophil Extracellular Trap-Inspired Microfluidics and Biomaterials
  • Ken Kotz, DRAPER Labs, Boston, High-throughput Purification and Viral Transduction of Leukocytes
  • Thomas Laurell, Lund University, Sweden, Label-free enrichment of mononuclear cells from blood
  • Alex Hopke, Harvard Medical School, How neutrophils seal off sites of bacterial and fungal infections.


Microbiome, mucosal immunology and aging
Organizers & Chairs: Rebecca Fuldner, NIH & Alan Landay, Rush

  • Alan Landay, Rush, Inflammaging and the Microbiome: A Dangerous Liaison
  • Elizabeth J. Kovacs, UC Denver, Inflammaging, microbiome and the multi-organ response to injury
  • Cara Wilson, UC Denver, HIV and the Aging Gut: Inflammatory Consequences of Mucosal Immune Dysfunction
  • Beth Jamieson, UCLA, Differential Effects of Aging on CD8+ T-cells in the Gut vs. Peripheral Blood
  • The Impact of Age and Gut Microbiota on T Cells in Autoimmune Arthritis, Joyce Wu, University of Arizona


Emerging Concepts in NLR Sensing and Signaling
Organizer: Irving Coy Allen, Virginia Tech Chairs: Irving Coy Allen, Virginia Tech & Ed Miao, UNC Chapel Hill

  • Vijay Rathinam, UConn Health School of Medicine, Inflammasomes: Linking infection and inflammation
  • Youssef Aachoui, UNC Chapel Hill, The NLRC4 Inflammasome in Host Defense
  • Andrew Sandstrom, University of California Berkeley, The NLRP1 Inflammasome
  • Masmudur Rahman, Arizona State University, Regulation of inflammasome and inflammatory responses by Myxoma virus: an oncolytic poxvirus
  • John Lukens, University of Virginia, Inflammasome Signaling in Neuroinflammation and Injury
  • Irving Coy Allen, Virginia Tech, Beyond the Inflammasome: Regulatory NLRs in immune system homeostasis

(Note: If you are seeking the SIG titled "What are these long thin things; tethers, cytonemes or extracelullar DNA?" as featured on the Call for Abstract brochure, regrettably the session has been cancelled. As a result, all 3 SIGs will be offered in the afternoon 1-4pm.)